Rising While Collapsing: Britain Unveils Record-High Population Madness, Thanks to ‘Uncontrolled’ Migration

According to the first statistical report from the once-decade census, the population of Britain has reached a new high, revealing that the primarily responsible factor for population growth is immigration. 

Based on the records, the government has announced that the population of England and Wales increased by 6.3% over the previous ten-year recording period, bringing the total to almost 60 million. 

The majority of population growth occurred in the South-East, parts of London (up to 22.1 percent in Tower Hamlets), and Eastern England, where it increased by 8.3 percent. 

Consider the size of Nottingham, another as big as Bristol, then include Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. While you’re at it, add more people that can fill Sheffield – that’s how it roughly equates to the population increase in England and Wales over the last ten years. 

The Rise of Migrants 

Since Brexit, overall migration from the EU has substantially decreased as a share of global migration, while non-EU migration has significantly increased.

Separate Home Office statistics show that a large number of visas—432,279 for students, 280, 776 for families, and 239, 987 for workers—were issued in 2021.

The government, on the other hand, is extremely concerned about the number of people seeking asylum who are travelling across the English Channel in small boats, and it plans to send some of them to Rwanda if it can defeat the interference of the European Court of Human Rights and persuade our own judges that doing so is not cruel.

Badly Breaking Britain 

According to MigrationWatch’s forensic analysis, immigration accounts for at least half of the demand for new homes. Vast swaths of the country have been paved over to accommodate a surge in population growth – making Britons tired of overburdened, underfunded public services, as they see more of their neighbourhoods concreted over.

We don’t have to look far to understand the strain on schools, hospitals, and GP surgeries that millions of us have witnessed firsthand in most parts of the country. The decade that saw a 6.6% increase in population was also a decade of austerity and government cutbacks.

Migration Watch chairman Alp Mehmet criticised the population growth, saying, “There are large impacts on areas up and down the UK, with mounting pressure on services, GP places, housing roads and schools. With almost all recent population growth due to uncontrolled, mass immigration, England is one of the most crowded nations in Europe and London is the most gridlocked city on the planet,” he added.

“Over half the public say immigration has been too high. The case for bringing immigration down by a lot is overwhelmingly strong. The government must listen.”

Migration Madness: What’s The Government’s Move?

One of the main reasons for leaving the European Union was to regain control of our borders so that immigration could be regulated and controlled.

However, the population increases caused by immigration over the last decade have coincided with the Conservative Party’s rule, which began in 2010. Under Boris Johnson, the Conservatives seem to have abandoned a long-standing promise — never kept — to reduce net migration to the country from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands.

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne admitted in 2017 that the party leadership never intended to keep their promise to the public, and that they did not even believe in the policy in private.

In addition to failing to keep this promise, the Conservatives have been unwilling or unable to “reclaim control” of the country’s borders and crack down on illegal immigration. Over 12,000 illegal migrants have crossed the English Channel in rubber boats from France so far this year.

Yes, Britain has ‘reclaimed’ control. Borders are now managed by the government. 

However, immigration remains an issue that seems to be out of their hands, or likely out of the priority list. If the government continues to do no move, immigration will still remain at near-record levels, leading to Britain’s demographic collapse.

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