Richard Tice Promises to ‘Reshape Politics’ with Desire to Defeat Conservative Rule – Will You Support?

Richard Tice has stated his desire to defeat the Conservatives in the next election, vowing to “reshape politics” in the United Kingdom. 

His Reform UK party, formerly known as the Brexit Party, is now polling at 7%, making it roughly as popular as the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

While Mr Tice’s party currently has no MPs, at a New Year press conference in London, he laid out his “bold, brave solutions” as he claimed his mission was to make sure the Conservative Party “never have a majority Government again”.

Mr Tice said that 12 years of Tory rule had “broken” Britain, just hours before Rishi Sunak delivered a speech outlining his priorities for 2023, which included reducing NHS waiting times.

In 2019, the Brexit Party, then led by Nigel Farage, agreed not to run candidates against the Conservatives in 317 seats. This was because of Boris Johnson’s pledge to complete Brexit by the end of 2020.

Mr Tice has slammed this decision as leaving “scars on my back,” claiming that the Conservatives and Labour have run out of ideas to address the UK’s crises.

He said: “I think the Tory Party… deserve to be smashed and destroyed given what they’ve done to the country.”

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