REVEALED: UK Considers ‘Building Tents’ in Parks to House Migrants 

According to The Times of London, the British government considered proposals to start building tent cities in London parks to accommodate the ever-increasing number of illegals crossing the English Channel.

Civil servants at the British Home Office, which is in charge of immigration control, are said to have proposed building tent cities in London to deal with the thousands of illegal migrants who arrive in small boats from France each month.

The Times reported that bureaucrats raised the idea with local government officials in London after failing to persuade the city and other parts of the country to take in more refugees and migrants.

Local council leaders reportedly rejected the move and suggested that the UK lift restrictions on asylum seekers working so that they could afford their own housing — a move that would also make illegal migration much more lucrative while making it even more difficult to deport those deemed ineligible for refugee status.

The discussions, according to the paper, took place in the midst of discussions about what to do about the asylum processing site at Manston Airport, which was only designed to hold up to 1,000 people for a 24-hour period but is now housing more than 2,600 migrants for much longer periods of time.

Because of the site’s overcrowding, there have been outbreaks of unrest among the migrants, as well as cases of diphtheria.

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