Revealed: Military Families Suffer in Mould-Eaten Homes, While Migrants Enjoy Hotels for Free

Hundreds of active military personnel and their families have been housed in mouldy homes with no heating or hot water while the government continues to host illegal migrants in luxurious hotels across the country for free.

British soldiers and their families have been forced to huddle under sleeping blankets this weekend as hundreds of Army homes continue to have no working heating amid delayed repairs. Others have reported mould and damp in their homes, despite private contractor Pinnacle reportedly receiving £144 million in March to renovate 46,197 homes.

Army Captain Will Matthews, who has done tours in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Iraq, posted a video on social media of his young baby sleeping amid mouldy conditions in his cold service home.

“Tired of living like this. Cupboards unusable due to never ending damp/mould. Drafty windows. No loft insulation, cold house all the time. Damp everywhere. At least it’s not where our baby sleeps either…. Oh, wait. Hang on… I’ve been reporting it since July to get it fixed in time for winter. Yet here we are,” he wrote.

A military mother, whose children are aged seven and two, claimed that her youngest child had come down with croup, resulting in the need for an inhaler. Claiming that she had been stonewalled for hours when trying to contact Pinnacle, she said: “It’s heartbreaking. My children are struggling. They’ve been up all night coughing.”

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, a senior military source confirmed that hundreds of people were impacted, saying: “It’s the contractor and lack of investment over years. It’s a f****** disgrace we continue to spend so much money on defence and treat people like this.

The treatment of active members of the British military contrasts sharply with the conditions under which thousands of illegal migrants find themselves while seeking asylum, despite the fact that the vast majority come from safe, first-world European Union nations such as France and Belgium before arriving in Britain.

According to Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, 419 hotels in the United Kingdom are currently overcrowded with migrants, costing the British taxpayer around £7 million per day.

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