Queen’s Funeral a ‘Serious Threat’ as MI5 and Met Launch UK’s BIGGEST Anti-Terror Operations

Britain’s largest-ever security operation is underway to protect the Queen’s funeral from “serious” threats, according to a world-renowned security expert.

The entire world will be watching the funeral of Her Majesty the Queen, which begins at 11 a.m.

Heads of state, prime ministers, presidents, royalty, and other officials, as well as hundreds of thousands of mourners, have descended on London to pay their respects to the late monarch, who died earlier last September 8 at the age of 96.

Because of the event’s high profile, the government has directed the vast majority of the country’s security and police forces to the capital to protect it, with a so-called “ring of steel” now in place around the Abbey.

Representatives from the Metropolitan Police, emergency services, and intelligence agencies such as GCHQ and MI5 have gathered in Lambeth to coordinate the “extraordinary” security operation, the largest the Met has ever conducted.

“Clearly jihadists may be a problem but I’d guess we know each and everyone of them and they’ll be nabbed if there’s any sign of trouble.

London will also have a no-fly zone with ‘top secret’ drone-blocking technology, as well as signal jammers.

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