Queen Continues to Receive Attacks from American Influencers on LIVE Broadcast

An Argentine television show host celebrated Queen Elizabeth II’s death by popping champagne while saying “the old b***h has died” live on air.

Santiago Cuneo, a member of Argentina’s left-wing Justicialist Party, has come under fire for mocking the Queen’s death.

In comments translated by the New York Post, the Buenos Aires-based politician and TV show host said, “She’s done for good,” adding, “Loud applause for Satan who has finally taken her.”

With a chyron on the screen reportedly saying, “The old bag of shit has died,” in reference to the 96-year-old British Monarch’s death, Cuneo added, “the old bitch has died,” and popped a bottle of champagne in a wild celebration.

Cuneo was not the only person in the Americas to spit venom at the late Queen, with Tirhakah Love, a New York Magazine writer, concluded his ‘Lizzie Out, Let’s Get Loud’ newsletter by telling readers, ‘We all have our ways of mourning friends; doing the electric slide on a colonizer’s grave just happens to be mine.’

CBS News correspondent Wesley Lowery also tweeted: ‘The death of a person seen as a near deity by the (white) political, ruling, and media class, but who was also at one point the oppressive ruler of something like 30% of the global population, is going to provide an excellent example of the subjectivity straight news reporting,’ 

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uja Anya wrote on Twitter on Thursday, before the Queen’s death was announced: “I heard the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire is finally dying.” 

“May her pain be excruciating.”

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