Public Support for Leaving the EU HARMED by Cost of Living Crisis, Claims Professor Curtice

Professor Sir John Curtice, Britain’s leading polling expert, has warned Brexit supporters that the cost of living crisis has weakened public support for leaving the EU.

Professor Curtice has warned that the political consensus in Parliament that Brexit is irreversible may not be shared by the majority of the British public in light of the country’s recent economic woes.

According to the UK’s most well-known pollster, support for Brexit is dwindling as a result of the country’s economic woes and impending recesssion.

Curtice wrote in the Telegraph that Brexit supporters should not be complacent because recent polls show a clear shift in favour of rejoining the EU.

The remarks come despite the fact that the European Movement, the main rejoiner group, is looking for a new leader after Lord Adonis resigned as chairman.

However, former Brexit Party leader turned GB News host Nigel Farage has already warned that the Conservative government’s failure to capitalise on Brexit opportunities has weakened support for Brexit.

Prof Curtice, on the other hand, blamed economic factors.

He said: “Brexiteers should not mistake the Westminster consensus as evidence that the debate over Europe has ended.

“The last three months of political and economic turbulence have not only witnessed a slump in the Conservatives’ standing in the polls but also seen support for being outside the EU drop to its lowest level since the 2016 EU referendum.”

He added: “True, most of those who voted Leave in 2016 still say they would vote to stay out. However, at 74 per cent, the proportion who would do so is eleven points down on a year ago. In contrast, as many as 80 per cent of those who in 2016 voted Remain say they would vote to rejoin, a figure that has largely held steady over the last two years.

“The oft-made suggestion that most Remainers have come to terms with Brexit receives little support in the polls.”

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