Professor Doom: Chris Whitty Predicts COVID Variant Worse Than Omicron

There is a ‘high chance’ that a new COVID variant that is worse than Omicron will emerge in the next two years, Chris Whitty has warned today.

In a downbeat assessment of how the next phase of the pandemic could pan out, England’s chief medical officer hinted that lockdowns may still be on the cards.

He told the Local Government’s Association public health conference that there was still a ‘long way to go’ because the virus will continue to ‘throw surprises’. He also insisted the virus – which now poses a similar threat as flu – will be with us ‘for the rest of our lives’.

The emergence of a more dangerous strain could ‘significantly change our balance of risk’, Whitty added in his speech, on the second anniversary of the historic coronavirus lockdown.

Some experts believe there is a high chance that a new Covid variant could be more severe than Omicron because the strain came from a different part of the virus’s lineage and there is no guarantee the next strain will evolve directly from Omicron.

But other experts have repeatedly insisted the darkest days of the pandemic have been consigned to history, as the virus will mutate into a cold-causing pathogen over time

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