Prisoners Will Now be Housed ‘According to Genitals’, Justice Secretary Suggests

People who identify as ‘transwomen’ will no longer be incarcerated alongside biological women, according to the UK minister in charge of the country’s prisons.

It follows a series of incidents involving “transgender” prisoners having sexual relations — both consensual and otherwise — with other inmates, with one report accusing the UK justice system of prioritising the rights of “trans” individuals over the rights of rape victims.

According to The Telegraph, the treatment of “transgender” prisoners is about to change, with Justice Minister Dominic Raab set to announce that “prisoners with male genitalia” will no longer be housed with women unless permission is granted by the minister, which can be granted on a case-by-case basis.

“Having recently reviewed the arrangements in July, the Justice Secretary directed changes so that transgender prisoners with male genitalia are not housed in the female prison estate with other biologically born women, unless specifically signed off by a minister,” a Ministry of Justice spokesman reportedly said.

A major concern has been expressed in recent months about the dangers that the presence of “transgender” individuals poses to biological women in UK prisons, particularly those who have previously been raped.

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