Prince Charles SAYS Black Communities are His ‘Great Source of Inspiration’, CONVINCES Britain to Embrace ‘Diversity and Inclusion’

In his editor’s letter, Charles quoted Jamaican reggae pioneer Bob Marley, saying he was “so touched” to be asked to edit the newspaper’s special edition.

The future king described Britain’s black communities as “great source of inspiration.”

According to the front page of the newspaper, Charles used his editor’s letter to discuss “his vision to combat racial injustice and unfairness.”

The Voice, founded in 1982, is the UK’s only national black British newspaper.

According to Clarence House, Charles’ edit celebrates some of the black community’s achievements over the last four decades and documents his long-standing collaboration with black leaders.

“The people have a ‘voice inside of them,’ said Bob Marley, and for more than forty years, The Voice newspaper has ensured that Britain’s black communities have been heard,” Charles wrote in his editor’s letter.

“It has been a voice of advocacy, of protest, of reason, but most of all, of understanding.

“Over those four decades, with all the enormous changes it has witnessed, Britain’s only surviving black newspaper has become an institution and a crucial part of the fabric of our society.

“In all of this, we can reflect that our society is woven from diverse threads, drawn from so many parts of the world, which strengthen and enrich the fabric of our national life, as well as the remarkable tapestry of the Commonwealth.

“My hope is that we can consistently preserve and celebrate the histories of people of African, Caribbean, and Asian heritage in the United Kingdom and that this will extend beyond Black History Month.”

“Doing so will recognise the rich diversity of cultures and different minority ethnic groups that make this country so special – and in many ways unique.”

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