Police Streets, Not Tweets! UK Police Forces’ Solve-Rate for COMMON Crimes ALARMS Britain for Being ‘Woefully Low’

After a report found that “failing” forces across the country have a dismal record of solving crimes such as burglaries, robberies, and theft, British police forces have been told to “police streets, not tweets.”

Former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector David Spencer wrote a report for the centre-right Policy Exchange think tank outlining recommendations for the next prime minister to implement in order to restore the public’s trust in those who are supposed to protect and serve them.

Spencer stated that the solve rate for common crimes was “woefully low.” 

He notes that “the ability of the police to solve crime once it has happened has reduced significantly over the last decade,” with only 3.5 per cent of reported residential burglaries, 6.3 per cent of reported robberies, and 4.1 per cent of reported thefts being solved during the fiscal year 2021/22.

“British policing simply does not have the capability or the capacity to tackle online-based criminality. As a result, these offences are in essence almost entirely decriminalised,” Spencer wrote.

He also added that his recent CapX polling found that “the public was nearly twice as likely to agree than disagree with the statement that ‘the police are more interested in being woke than solving crimes.”

UK police have come under fire for not only targeting those who oppose LGBTQ+ ideology but also for regularly participating in Pride Parades and even staging their own ‘awareness’ events. Officers in Lincoln were recently mocked for using valuable policing time to perform the Macarena dance with Pride attendees.

In response to the report, Martin Daubney, deputy leader of the anti-woke Reclaim Party said: “Police streets, not tweets. No more taking the knee. Stop the LGBTQ+ lunacy, Pride dances & two-tiered policing due to racism fears. Get back to basics!”

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