PM Liz Truss and Suella Braverman STARS in 90-Minute Shouting Match, Home Secretary SACKED!

Liz Truss and Suella Braverman had a ‘fiery’ spat before the Home Secretary resigned yesterday.

Ms Braverman abruptly resigned on a day of complete chaos in Parliament, citing a security blunder in which she sent classified documents from a personal email account.

Many Conservatives now believe the government is in terminal decline and that it is only a matter of time before the prime minister is forced from office, with some suggesting she could be gone in ‘hours, not days.’

It has now been reported that Ms Braverman’s departure was forced upon her by Ms Truss after a “90-minute shouting match” on Tuesday night.

According to multiple sources, the ex-Home Secretary, who was defeated in the Tory leadership election this summer, warned the PM that relaxing immigration rules to boost economic growth would be ‘insane.’

One said: ‘(Ms Braverman has) obviously gone because of a bust-up.

‘She’s always been a flight risk, like Penny Mordaunt – she’s preparing for what’s to come.’

Downing Street is now concerned about what one of Britain’s shortest-serving home secretaries might say in her resignation speech later today.

Ms Braverman, who resigned just days after former chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng was fired, wrote in her letter that she had “concerns about the direction of the government” and told Ms Truss to “stop pretending we haven’t made mistakes.”

In an obvious swipe at her former boss, she added: ‘I have made a mistake; I accept responsibility; I resign’.

Another source described the pair’s previous meeting as a “shouting match,” claiming that raised voices could be heard outside and that Ms Braverman was enraged.

She is said to have told the Prime Minister that scrapping a plan to ease migration rules was ‘insane,’ adding, ‘Are we just going to junk every manifesto commitment going?’

Ms Truss has now replaced Ms Braverman with former transport secretary Grant Shapps, who has been one of Ms Truss’s harshest critics on the backbench.

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