Our Country Leader Liz Truss is ‘No Longer Credible’, Claims Nigel Farage 

Prime Minister Liz Truss may hit all the right notes and say the right things, but her administration is “not credible” after more than a decade of incompetent Tory governments, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said at the annual Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

Liz Truss attempted to shore up support for her leadership with a speech to end the annual Tory party conference after one of the shakiest starts to a prime ministership in recent memory.

Commentators and Conservative MPs praised her speech, with many citing her handling of two anti-fracking Green Peace activists as a highlight, allowing her to use the left-wing agitators as mascots for the “anti-growth coalition” that she claims is impeding Britain’s prosperity.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage praised the speech, saying that “in rhetorical terms, I loved it,” adding, “It was all there: smaller state, lower taxes and a passionate defence of the self-employed. She was upbeat, optimistic and spent much more time on the party’s agenda than the failings of the opposition.”

Mr Farage, on the other hand, said the performance was “too little, too late,” writing in The Telegraph: “If this were the first, not the thirteenth year of the Conservative government, I would have given it three cheers. Despite the shift in tone, the promises are simply not credible.”

Moreover, in a stirring speech to close the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham, Prime Minister Liz Truss blasted “those who think they know better.” 

The Prime Minister told the audience that “we have enormous talent across our country,” but that “we are not making enough of it.” 

She stated that she desired to live in a country where “hard work is rewarded.” 

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