Not An ‘Ordinary’ Summer: Alarmists Claim That Heatwave is Caused by GLOBAL WARMING

Climate change alarmists are no longer hedging their claims about global warming with qualifiers, but instead assert that human-caused climate change is unquestionably the cause of summer heatwaves.

Despite the fact that summer heatwaves have occurred on a regular basis since human history began, Euronews recently declared that the heatwaves of 2022 will be caused by anthropogenic climate change rather than natural cyclical weather patterns.

“We know that global warming is the cause, and it’s a straightforward connection to make during a heatwave,” writes Lottie Limb in reference to high temperatures in the UK and wildfires in France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Croatia.

Limb goes on to say that an average global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius would be “disastrous for many countries,” and that global warming is already increasing “the amount of weather at the ‘extremely hot’ end of the spectrum.”

Limb confidently states that a heatwave that would have struck one in 50 times in the pre-industrial climate will now “strike five times more frequently.”

Limb cites Friederike Otto, a senior lecturer in climate science at the UK’s Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment who said, “I think we can very confidently say that every heatwave occurring today has been made more intense and more likely because of climate change.”

“The message is that we have to start acting, and I do have a lot of hope for us; if we act in time, we can do enough to adapt and mitigate climate change for the future,” said Mariam Zachariah, who also works at the Grantham Institute.

Despite the arrogance of some climate alarmists, the simple fact is that we have no idea what average global temperatures would be this week if humans had never set foot on Earth. 

We also don’t know what would happen to global temperatures if everyone started driving electric cars and using paper straws.

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