NEW Proposal: BBC Tax to Be Paid By Every British Household, Including Those Who Don’t Have TVs

Every family could be forced to pay a BBC tax — even if they don’t own a television, says a new proposal from a British communications and network firm. 

Sources believe the £159-a-year licence fee should be replaced with a new television tax based on household income.

The Lords’ Communications and Digital Committee’s compulsory TV tax plan is similar to the one used in Germany.

There, the amount people pay for public broadcasting is linked to how much property tax they pay.

However, TaxPayers’ Alliance CEO John O’Connell stated, “Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to prop up the BBC via the licence fee or any other tax.”

“This insane idea is no better than the licence fee.”

The Lords committee rejected a Netflix-style subscription service as well as Government cash grants that would fully fund the BBC.

According to them, the corporation is facing “major challenges,” including “increasing competition and costs, as well as limited funding.”

“The committee concluded that, when it comes to what the BBC does, the status quo is not an option,” said chairwoman Baroness Stowell.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has previously directed that the “outdated” 100-year-old funding model be overhauled.

She wants it gone by 2027.

“We welcome the Lords’ report,” the BBC said. It is right there is a debate on whether the licence fee needs to evolve.”

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