Met Police’s Brave and Courageous Horse Dies While on Service

The Metropolitan Police Service has issued a eulogy for a police horse that collapsed and died during the Notting Hill Carnival.

The animal collapsed around 9 p.m. on Sunday, according to the police, and was given emergency care but died at the scene.

It was later renamed Police Horse Sandown and had been with the force for seven years.

According to the Met, the chestnut gelding played an important role in policing London.

“PH Sandown was gifted to the Met in 2015, and his good nature quickly won over officers,” it continued.

They also revealed that he was the go-to horse for helping new officers gain confidence during their training.

“A pro at policing all types of events across London, he demonstrated his bravery and courageousness at numerous football fixtures whilst also being selected to perform at the Mounted Activity Ride at Olympia, and the Mounted Musical Ride.”

The tribute continues: “Police horses are working animals, but PH Sandown was also an affectionate character who was full of personality.

The UK Police has recently been chastised for prioritising woke gender ideologies over solving theft and violence in the country. They also keep quiet about ongoing migrant invasions and the rise of grooming gangs because they don’t want to be labelled racist.

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