Meghan Madness: How Did the Royal Authors and Family REACT to Duchess’ ‘Painful’ Spotify Podcast?

Following her comments about ambition in relation to the royals and Prince Harry, a royal biographer has accused Meghan Markle of being a hypocrite.

The Duchess of Sussex discussed “The Misconception of Ambition” with her friend Serena Williams in the first episode of her Spotify podcast “Archetypes.” 

She admitted that she had “never personally felt the negative connotation behind the word ambitious” until she met the Duke of Sussex. She also discussed the “pain” she experienced “behind closed doors.”

Meghan Markle also admitted that “if you’re an ambitious woman, you have an agenda,” and ambitious women are perceived as “calculating, selfish, aggressive, or climbers.”

Angela Levin, author of “Harry: A Biography of a Prince,” thought her remarks were disrespectful to the royal family. 

The royal author also called the former “Suits” actress a “hypocrite,” claiming that if it weren’t for Prince Harry and the royals, Meghan Markle would “still be a D-list celebrity.”

“She thought it was normal to be ambitious, and only when she started dating Harry did she realise that it was not welcomed,” the author said of the duchess. 

“My goodness, that is a smack at Harry and a punch to the Royal Family.”

Apart from the Royal critics, the episode was also reviewed by columnists worldwide. 

The Spectator in London said: “The first guest is Serena Williams, but tennis enthusiasts who tune in might be a bit disappointed. The show is in fact all about Meghan, since it takes 11 minutes for Serena to barely get a word in edgeways.”

“It’s hard to believe that it took 28 people, including eight executive producers, to make the episode – plus Meghan herself, who is also listed as an ‘executive producer’ in the credits,” the scathing review continues.

Moreover, Forbes also said that Meghan Markle “led the show” and it was a “love fest” with “not a lot of information or insight” delivered.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt in Australia said the new podcast demonstrates her “monstrous sense of self-entitlement.”

The podcast was dubbed a “parade of banalities, absurdities, and self-aggrandizing Californian platitudes” by The New York Times’ James Marriott.

Meghan’s half-sister is also not impressed with her big debut.

“It was kind of odd,” Samantha Markle said on GB News’ Dan Wootton Tonight, “it sounded more like a seductive commercial of sorts.”

Samantha accused Meghan of “emasculating” Prince Harry and accusing her half-sister of “deluded entitlement.”

She said, “After the wedding was over, it felt as though Harry was in her shadow.” 

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