Meghan and Harry Release Netflix Documentary on Royal Family’s First Gathering after the Queen’s Death

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been chastised for releasing their Netflix documentary during the Royal Family’s first meeting since the Queen’s death.

According to the former butler to King Charles, the Harry & Meghan Netflix series appears to have been timed to coincide with the three-month anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Grant Harrold said: “It’s the worst time isn’t it? I mean with recent events, losing the Queen. It has been a difficult time for the Royal Family.

“I was just saying that with Christmas just around the corner, when the Royal Family gets together, suddenly we’ve got this dropping today, which just seems strange to do three months after the Queen died.”

“This is what I find so puzzling with what’s going on. It doesn’t really make sense because he was very close to his father and his brother.”

“They got on so well. They were best friends. They used to joke and laugh a lot and you know, just like any brothers who are best friends. His father, he went out his way on many occasions just to be a father.

“And that’s how I couldn’t understand when I think a few years ago, he said that he didn’t really have a fantastic upbringing and of course losing his mother.

Mr Harrold, who lives on the King’s Highgrove estate, told GB News: “I read somewhere that the Queen only ever thought twice about legal battles.

“That was her thing, ‘never complain, never explain’ just go on with it. Well, this is very different. This can be really damaging. This can change people’s perception.”

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