Man Begs Just Stop Oil Activists to Let Him Pass As He Tries to Get His Baby to the Hospital – BLOCKED

Environmental protesters blocked a major London junction, preventing a baby from getting to the hospital, as Insulate Britain emerged from hibernation today to strike with new disruption.

Just Stop Oil activists descended on exclusive Knightsbridge on Tuesday, obstructing a fire engine responding to an emergency and forcing an ambulance to reverse and find another route.

Upset motorists confronted the protesters, with one man saying, ‘I’m trying to get a baby to the hospital.’

It happened on the 11th consecutive day of protests, and today, the 12th, saw another group of protesters re-enter the fray after months away.

Insulate Britain, who caused traffic chaos last year, blocked the route to Westminster as they appeared to disrupt Prime Minister Liz Truss’s visit to Parliament.

At least 27 people were arrested after eco-warriors shut down the roads around Parliament Square.

All were arrested for public order offences, according to the Met Police, including one who had to be carried down on a stretcher after climbing on top of a police van. 

Officers applied a chemical solution to detach the glue while the activists wore safety goggles.

Reverend Sue Parfitt, 80, was the last protester to be removed at 2:07 p.m.

Throughout the demonstration, which was timed to coincide with today’s PMQs, police were able to keep one lane of traffic open, allowing drivers to continue towards Lambeth Bridge. 

However, Sir Mark Rowley, Commissioner of Police and Crime, told the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee that officers must wait until protests are deemed to be causing major disruption before they can be shut down.

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