Labour Activists ATTACK King Charles Weeks After Queen’s Death

Polly Toynbee and Paul Richards, activists on the fringes of the Labour Party Conference, slammed the new monarch just two weeks after his mother’s death

The activists, who are members of the campaign group Labour for a Republic, were speaking at the ‘What Future for the Monarchy’ event held last night in Liverpool.

Ms Toynbee slammed King Charles III’s finances as “utterly disgraceful” for failing to pay inheritance tax. She said: “The crown puts its money out of reach of its citizens. I mean, utterly disgraceful.

“King Charles III says he wants to slim down the monarchy, the first thing he could do is to slim down the money.

“A lot of European monarchies are much cheaper than ours.

“But I think the idea of not paying inheritance tax – of course over generations you would get attrition of royal funds – but I think that just reminds everybody that this is our money.

“It was stolen. The idea that the royal family owns or should own these lands is utterly preposterous.

Ms Toynbee’s panellist, Labour activist Paul Richards, slammed King Charles III for “constant interference” in politics.

Mr Richards said of the new monarch, “He’s a politician, really. A lobbyist, a campaigner – trying to influence government policy.”

“We’ve seen evidence of this interference – constant interference,” says the panellist. 

“I think it’s going to end badly because it’s very hard for him not to because it’s just who he is.

This comes just two weeks after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, and the Royal Family is still in official mourning, which will end on Tuesday.

Mr Richards dismissed the notion that now is not the time to discuss monarchy abolition because the country is mourning the Queen’s death, saying, “There’s never a good time, and I think every time is a good time.”

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