Keir Starmer Steals ‘Take Back Control’ Slogan from Vote Leave in First 2023 Speech

Former Remain voter Sir Keir Starmer has pledged to introduce a Take Back Control Bill in his first term in office, borrowing the infamous slogan from Vote Leave. 

The announcement was made during the opposition leader’s first major speech for 2023, which outlined the party’s vision for the United Kingdom. Sir Keir promised to “embrace the Take Back Control message,” transforming it from a slogan to a solution.

Sir Keir stated that the Take Back Control Bill will be the centrepiece of Labour’s first King’s Speech.

It would entail the transfer of power away from Westminster, giving communities the right to request more authority.

The Labour leader explained: “We will spread control out of Westminster. Devolve new powers over employment support, transport, energy, climate change, housing, culture, childcare provision and how councils run their finances.

“All this will be in a new “Take Back Control” Bill – a centrepiece of our first King’s speech. A Bill that will deliver on the demand for a new Britain. A new approach to politics and democracy. A new approach to growth and our economy.”

Sir Keir also used his speech to hit out at Westminster politics, describing it as a “circus” and accusing it of “sticking plaster politics”. 

He said: “As a system, it doesn’t work”, adding: “You can’t overstate how much of a short-term mindset dominates Westminster, and how it infects all of Britain’s institutions”.

The Labour leader also pledged to repeal the Government’s proposed anti-strike legislation, saying it is “likely to make a bad situation worse”.

In the coming days, the government is expected to unveil new legislation to impose “minimum service levels” in certain sectors.

Speaking with rolled-up sleeves, Sir Keir continued: “We’re going to roll up our sleeves, fix the problems and improve our country.”

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