Joe Biden Snubs UK as He Names EU as ‘indispensable partner’ in Major Defence Document

The United States has ignored the United Kingdom after referring to the European Union as an “indispensable partner” in a key defence document but failing to mention Britain.

The Biden-Harris administration stated in the US Government’s National Security Strategy, published on October 12, that “the EU — an integrated market of over 450 million people — is an indispensable partner, and we support efforts to foster EU unity.”

Despite the fact that the US and Britain have a “special relationship,” the document made no mention of them.

Richard Drax, a member of the Defence Select Committee, said it was “very strange” that the UK was not mentioned.

He added: “Without the US, we would be naked in the conference chamber. They are crucial to us, as you say we are crucial to them.

“So I am surprised – and surprised you’re not surprised – that we are not mentioned in it.”

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