J.K. Rowling Mocks Antifa Cells for ‘Dressing Up Like Ninjas’ to Fight Against Women’s Rights

The influential Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling defended that the pro-transgender Antifa attack on a feminist advocate illustrates that the far-left is on the wrong side of history.

Aleks Kovacevic, 44, was harassed by a gang of black bloc radicals in Manchester on Sunday as she attempted to protest for women’s rights near a statue honouring British suffragette icon Emmeline Pankhurst.

The masked assailants were seen in video surveillance attempting to forcibly remove the trans-critical feminist, who was holding a suffragette flag, from the location, apparently to prevent Standing for Women from holding their planned rally.

According to Andy Ngo, a seasoned Antifa watcher and editor-at-large of the Post Millenial, the attackers were members of the Anarchist Federation, a British Antifa cell.

Writing on Kovacevic’s side, J.K. Rowling tweeted on Sunday evening: “I never expected the right side of history to include so many people in masks intimidating and assaulting women, did you? But she never dropped her flag. Emmelline would be proud.”

Mocking leftists who defended the radical Antifa assault on the feminist campaigner, Rowling added: “There is no conflict between women’s rights and our ideology. To prove it, we’ve dressed up as ninjas to block public access to a statue of a suffragette. We’re confident this has done wonders for our cause and definitely isn’t an unintentionally hilarious own goal.”

Rowling has been a frequent target of extreme transgender activists, claiming to have received several death threats and had her family’s address doxxed on social media in response to her support for women’s rights and opposition to biological male transgender individuals encroaching on them.

On Monday evening, the left-leaning author wrote: “If you think physical intimidation, assault, targeting opponents’ employers and sending women death and rape threats are acceptable as long as it’s your side doing it, you support those things, full stop.

“If you think history will be kind to you, think again. #LetWomenSpeak.”

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