Italy: Ukrainian Refugees Must Be Vaccinated Or Test Every 48 Hours

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has announced that all Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Italy will either have to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 or undergo tests every 48 hours.

Over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Italy since the Russian invasion began and over 90 per cent are thought to be women and children. During a question period in the Italian parliament, Prime Minister Draghi spoke about the current situation regarding the new arrivals.

“All refugees who arrive either agree to take a swab every 48 hours or agree to get vaccinated,” Draghi told the parliament.

Ukrainian refugees will also be able to enter the Italian labour market independently and in seasonal jobs and those in assistance centres will have access to various services including legal services and will be offered language courses.

Last September, before the war in Ukraine, Prime Minister Draghi suggested that Italy should adopt a policy of mandatory vaccination of incoming illegal immigrants after arranging vaccinations for Afghan nationals fleeing Afghanistan after the fall of the previous government to Taliban forces in August.

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