‘Horrified’ UK Civil Servants Instructed That ‘Woman’, ‘Female’ Cannot be Defined

UK civil servants have been told that the terms “female” and “woman” cannot be defined, and that definitions of the latter as “adult human female” can be “transphobic.”

Militants within Whitehall have also been reported to claim that gender is “randomly” “assigned at birth,” and that while gender identity is supposedly as inherent in a person as ethnicity, it is fluid, sitting somewhere on a scale between “woman-ness” and “man-ness.”

According to The Times, pro-transgender mandarins within the ‘A:gender’ group pushed these messages and more onto their coworkers in a series of video lectures delivered to those working in the halls of the British state.

Reportedly presented by a person who defined themselves as “intersex”, the videos denounced the definition of “woman” as being an “adult human female”, saying that it had been adopted by a “prominent anti-trans organisation”.

“What horrified me so much is that for anyone at the heart of the civil service interested in supporting transgender people, this is the education they are getting,” said one unnamed insider who was reportedly subjected to the A:gender course.

“Civil servants are then implementing legislation and government directives,” the mandarin continued. “They sign up for these courses and get told what to think”

The revelation comes after previous reports that those in the British civil service have been told to recognise over 100 genders as part of their pro-trans agenda, as opposed to police forces across the country, which can sometimes recognise up to 67.

Furthermore, those working within the British deep state have been told that people can change their gender identity on a daily basis, with official human resources guidelines requiring the use of pronouns like ze/zir.

“I was hired to do trade policy and yet the taxpayer pays me to waste 20 per cent of my corporate work time on this crap,” one anonymous civil servant was reported to have said, while others complained about the”absurd” claim that their coworkers could “self-identify as their opposite sex”.

Senior bureaucratic ideologues have also forbidden the use of gendered terms such as mother, father, ladies, gentlemen, and allegedly ‘his.’

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