Home Secretary Pushes Cannabis to be a Class A Drug

Cannabis, like cocaine or heroin, should be classified as a Class A drug, according to the new Home Secretary.

Suella Braverman has privately supported a group of Police and Crime Commissioners calling for harsher drug sentences.

The maximum sentence for possession would be increased from five to seven years, with life in prison for supply.

Last night, the Home Office confirmed that cannabis classification was “under review.”

Allies of Braverman say she opposes calls to decriminalise marijuana.

She believes that deterrence is critical in halting the growing popularity of cannabis among teenagers.

“We’ve got to scare people,” a source told the Sunday Times.

It comes after a group of PCCs argued last week at the Conservative conference that new cannabis health data indicated a need to re-evaluate the penalties.

“If you look at the young people in treatment, the number one drug is cannabis,” said Dorset PCC David Sidwick.

PM Liz Truss is said to be opposed to any changes to the law.

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