Fury ERUPTS as EU Throws Dublin Under the Bus – IREXIT Now ‘On Agenda’

Irexit is now “on the agenda” in Ireland, with the tide turning against Brussels, according to a Dublin-based eurosceptic. 

With Ireland now a net contributor to the EU, Anthony Coughlan, Associate Professor Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, predicted that the Republic led by Taoiseach Micheal Martin would become increasingly sceptical of the benefits of the EU membership.

Prof Coughlan expressed his concerns in an interview with the pro-Brexit website Facts4EU, saying it was not out of the question that his country would follow Britain out the door.

“Public opinion in the Republic is likely to move in a more EU-critical direction over the next few years, especially if the Northern Ireland Protocol problem is dealt with sensibly, as it can be,” he said, referring to the contentious mechanism for preventing a hard border on the island of Ireland.

“With the UK out of the EU, Ireland’s costs of EU membership now far outweigh the benefits.”

Prof Coughlan pointed out that Ireland now did more foreign trade with the UK and North America combined than with the rest of the EU.

“While the Republic’s strongly Europhile political class has been hoping up to now that Brexit can be undone, especially by a future UK Labour Government, that hope is now fading.”

Prof Coughlan emphasised: “People in the Republic will have to consider seriously in the time ahead whether it makes sense for Ireland to continue as an EU member.

“It can presumably never be in Britain’s interest to have the whole of Ireland made part of a federalising continental EU under German hegemony that now openly aspires to establish its own army.

“Irish nationalists who aspire to a united Ireland in the future, however distant, are gradually coming to terms with these facts.”

“Brexit has placed ‘Irexit’ on the historical agenda,” Prof Coughlan said.

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