France STILL Urges UK, Ukraine to Join ‘EU Lite’ 

Taking advantage of the current state of hostility between London and Brussels, France is expected to call for the establishment of yet another globalist European institution at a European Council meeting next week, which could include the United Kingdom.

Following statements made by French President Emmanuel Macron last month, France will use one of its final acts as president of the European Council — a term that ends at the end of this month — to call for a new European political framework.

According to a proposal obtained by POLITICO, the French will argue that more European bureaucracy and political integration are required to address issues confronting countries that have not been admitted to the EU, specifically Ukraine.

Though the European Council will consider giving Ukraine candidate status at its meeting next week in Strasbourg, the process of joining the EU typically takes many years and requires the country to meet minimum standards for democracy, corruption, and economic stability. 

It will also need the unanimous support of current member states, which will be difficult for Ukraine to overcome.

France will reportedly assert for the formation of a new political body, currently known as the ‘European Political Community.’

Though lacking in specifics, such as what role the new body would play and what powers, if any, it would be given, the French document stated: “The aim is to offer a coordination political platform for European countries across the continent.”

This would apparently be in addition to the European Union and the Council of Europe, an organisation that shares the EU’s flag and anthem but is perhaps best known as the parent body of the European Court of Human Rights. The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU, but it remains a member of the Council.

President Emmanuel Macron hinted in May that the UK might join the new political body, saying, “Joining it does not prejudge future membership in the European Union.” Because it was not necessarily closed to those who left.”

“We must unite our Europe in the truth of its geography with the desire to preserve our continent’s unity,” said the globalist leader.

It remains to be seen, however, whether the UK would be interested in joining such a body, given that the EU is currently suing the British government over the Northern Ireland protocol and the European Court of Human Rights’ recent decision to block the deportation of illegal migrants from Britain to Rwanda.

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