FIRST TIME: UK Forced to Use Emergency Coal Generators as Green Energy Fail Continues

As renewables failed to supply enough energy, the United Kingdom was forced to use its emergency coal-fired backup generators for the first time.

Britain’s crusade for net zero failed again on Tuesday, with the country forced to use its emergency coal-fired power plants because renewables were unable to meet demand.

In recent years, the country has been focused on shifting away from burning fossil fuels and towards green energy sources, with the country struggling to keep the lights on at times due to its Conservative Party government’s green agenda.

However, as it has become clear that Britain’s new sources of power cannot keep up with the old, the country has kept some coal-burning power plants operational and in reserve, ready to start supplying power to the energy grid should the more environmentally friendly sources fail.

According to the BBC, such a last resort had to be used, with two of the plants supplying energy to Britons once more after green energy facilities failed to perform.

Yesterday, five separate coal-fired power plants were put on standby, with two of them required to keep the energy grid stable.

The use of the power plants is a new low for the Conservative Party’s green energy agenda, a project that has cost ordinary Britons a significant amount of money and the country much of its energy security in the last year.

Despite nearly unanimous support from senior Conservatives in government, renewables in Britain have proven unable to replace fossil fuel-burning methods of energy generation.

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