English Health Centre asks new parents if their babies are transgender or non-binary

A health centre in England distributed surveys to new parents asking if they thought their babies were transgender or non-binary. 

A form distributed to parents of babies in Birmingham by a general practitioner practise asked if their child was “male (including trans man),” “female (including trans woman),” “non-binary”, “other (not listed),” or “not stated.” 

A lady shared a screenshot of the paperwork on Twitter, writing, “So my mate had a baby recently and had to register this precious new life.” This is the infant registration paperwork she has to fill out.”

“I think she’s going to register the baby as Other = dinosaur gender,” she jokingly predicted. 

The Woodgate Valley Health Centre argued that the form was used by all new patients, not only newborns, saying that it was a “standard new patient registration form for any new patient” that “includes, but is not limited to, parents registering a newborn baby.”

 According to the Daily Mail, the woke form is not part of a general NHS policy, with each local surgery allowed the flexibility to add additional gender options to their own forms.

Free Speech Union director Toby Young criticised the practice, saying the woke forms were “an invitation to woke parents to impose their crazy ideas about sex and gender on their newborns”.

“Wouldn’t it be more responsible of this GP practice to refer parents who cannot tell the sex of their babies by looking at their genitals to a psychiatrist?”

The country’s socialised healthcare system has become increasingly infected with woke culture, with the NHS previously facing criticism for using so-called gender-free language on its health advice website, removing references to women for pages dealing with female-only cancers such as ovarian, womb, and cervical. 

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