Emotional King Charles III Seen as He Finally Realises His Mother Must Die Before He Can Be King

Hearing God Save the King made Charles III break down and he had to bite his lip to stop himself from crying.

At the conclusion of Queen Elizabeth II’s committal ceremony this afternoon, hundreds of mourners at St George’s Chapel sang the new version of the national anthem.

Her Majesty’s eldest son was photographed with teary eyes, blinking quickly, and biting his lower lip.

‘For Charles, the anthem appears to be the definitive message that his mother is gone and that he is now King,’ said body language expert Judi James.

‘It will be the first few times that he has not sung it and it must be a dramatic and emotional moment.

‘Each time he has appeared to struggle with his emotions and this time we can see his eyes looking damp as he sucks his lower lip in to apparently chew it.

‘This minor “self-attack” ritual could be an attempt to prevent any tears from actually flowing.’

According to Judi, the national anthem was also difficult for Prince Harry, who had an ‘expression of sadness’ that ‘intensified’ when he sang ‘God Save The King.’

‘The transition from “God Save The Queen” to “the King” can elicit strong emotions as the reality of the Queen’s death and the changes ahead sink in,’ she said.

‘This appeared to be a difficult moment for Harry, who was standing behind his father at the service as the line was sung during the anthem.’

Throughout the service, Harry had been losing the battle with his emotions, dabbing at tears and frequently casting what appeared to be intense stares across at his brother with a sad expression on his face.

The Queen was laid to rest on Monday night together with Prince Philip at a private family service in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which is located inside St George’s Chapel.

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