Donald Trump Intervenes with former UK Prime Minister’s Leadership Style

In a surprise attack on his ally, Donald Trump called former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson “woke.”

In a world-exclusive GB News interview, the former US President stated that Boris Johnson “went liberal all of a sudden” in a “crazy” move.

Trump called Mr Johnson a “good guy” but chastised him for “changing.”

The 76-year-old explained: “Boris was a friend of mine; he may still be, but I haven’t spoken to him in a long time.

“The problem Boris has is he went liberal all of a sudden, and I think that is crazy.

“He’s a good man but something happened to him, he changed, he went for windmills all over the place and he went a little bit wokier than I believe he is and I think ultimately that is the thing that got him out.

“I don’t think it was the Conservative Party; I think it was just an excuse.”

Trump also discussed Britain’s future under King Charles III, saying he expects the monarch to “do very well” despite his strong feelings on certain issues.

The former US President acknowledged that King Charles III “feels very strongly about certain things.”

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