COVID-19: Coronavirus Limitations to be Finally Lifted in Wales

Wales is the last UK nation to remove all its restrictions after more than two years of measures. 

COVID hospital admissions are declining, according to the Welsh government, but the NHS remains under strain.

The update will be announced on Friday by Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, with the limitations being lifted on Monday, May 30.

In January, Wales was downgraded to alert level 0 and the majority of the measures were lifted in March.

However, there are still a few left:

• In health and care environments, face masks are mandated by law (but nowhere else)

• Workplaces and public buildings must continue to do coronavirus work assessments

• A lateral flow test is required if you have COVID symptoms

• If you test positive for HIV, you should isolate yourself for at least five days

Following the results of the last three-weekly regulations review, the last remaining rules are likely to be abolished on Monday.

Wales is the last UK country to lift its COVID restrictions.

The Welsh government will continue to advise people to take easy precautions to protect their health, such as getting COVID vaccinations and isolating themselves if they have symptoms.

Over the previous three weeks, the COVID situation in Wales has improved.

The number of COVID-related hospitalizations is decreasing, but the government says the pandemic is still putting strain on the NHS.

In February, England lifted its remaining COVID limitations, and in March, foreign travel restrictions were lifted.

Northern Ireland abolished all COVID restrictions in February, while Scotland lifted the final restrictions in March.

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