Climate the New COVID? Chris Whitty Says Doctors Needed to Fight Air Pollution

The Chief Medical Officer for England, who has led the government’s response to the coronavirus, has warned that air pollution is “everybody’s problem and it’s a problem at all times.”

Speaking at the Clean Air Summit last Thursday, Professor Whitty said that it is a “solvable problem”, saying that society will need to look at areas such as road planning and engineering to come up with ways to reduce pollution, The Times reported.

“However, that doesn’t deal with the here and now, and many of these problems are going to take some years to work through.

“This is where the medical profession does come in. Along with others, I agree with the principle, as do leaders of the medical profession, that we have concentrated too little on air pollution,” Whitty said.

The top UK medical scientist said that medical officials should be looking to draw up plans for specific areas to be avoided by “vulnerable” people, explaining: “This is a time, place, and route you should be trying to avoid.”

London’s leftist Labour Party Mayor, Sadiq Khan struck a more apocalyptic tone, saying: “We simply don’t have time to waste.

“Deadly air pollution is permanently damaging the lungs of young Londoners and affecting older people who are more vulnerable to the impacts of poor air quality.

“This is also about social justice. We know pollution hits the poorest Londoners, who are least likely to own a car, the hardest”.

Climate change as a whole has become a major point of focus across the political establishment following the election of Prime Minister Boris Johnson who has been at the forefront of the so-called “Build Back Better” movement in the wake of the COVID.

Branding himself as the “Moses” of climate change in October of last year, Boris Johnson warned that the supposed dire consequences of allegedly man-made global warming outweigh the impacts of the coronavirus, and therefore should seek to empower scientists further to shape the lives of British citizens.

“The lesson of COVID is absolutely clear. We have to listen to the scientists. We need urgent government action,” the Prime Minister said.

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