Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Launches ‘Woke’ Bible, Urges World to READ before it’s TOO Late

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, has given the world a Valentine’s Day gift in the form of The Climate Book, a diatribe against fossil fuels, “capitalist consumerism,” and the “global north.”

The 464-page ‘bible,’ published by Penguin Press on Tuesday, urges readers to “listen to the science” before it’s too late, in a smartly repackaged but ultimately predictable and unconvincing crusade to scare humanity into abandoning cheap, readily available energy to avert the impending climate catastrophe.

“The climate and ecological crisis is the greatest threat that humanity has ever faced,” Thunberg proclaims, and it will “define and shape our future everyday life like no other.”

Thunberg, ever the schoolmarm, chastises her readers for squandering “so many decades ignoring and downplaying this escalating emergency,” which has left society “in a state of denial.”

Thunberg preaches that we live in the age of the “great greenwashing machine,” as evidenced by “so many major fossil-fuel-producing — and high-emitting — nations calling themselves climate leaders, despite not having any credible climate mitigation policies in place.”

The Bible called Climate Book is divided into five sections: How Climate Works, How Our Planet is Changing, How It Affects Us, What We’ve Done About It, and What We Must Do Now, and includes 105 guest essays on topics ranging from “ice shelves to economics, from fast fashion to species loss, from pandemics to vanishing islands, from deforestation to soil loss, from water shortages to Indigenous sovereignty, from future food production to carbon budgets.”

Thunberg’s book has received glowing reviews from everyone from the Associated Press to the New York Times to the Guardian.

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