CAUGHT: Royal Navy uses Superglue to repair nuclear reactor 

The Royal Navy used superglue to repair a nuclear reactor, and an urgent investigation has been launched.

Maintenance workers used the glue to repair a damaged nuclear reactor on a Trident submarine while it was dry-docked at HMNB Devonport in Plymouth for a refurbishment and refuel.

The submarine, one of four nuclear-powered nuclear submarines, carries Trident ballistic missiles. Engineers discovered it as they prepared to turn the reactor to full power.

The submarine was launched in 1993 and started receiving maintenance in 2015. Its repair costs for the 150-meter-long submarine have exceeded the budget by £300 million.

Moreover, workers are accused of supergluing bolt heads back on instead of replacing them properly.

A Royal Navy source shares their outrage at finding out about the oversight, calling it a “disgrace”.

“You can’t cut corners with nuclear,” the source said. 

“Standards are standards. Nuclear standards are never compromised.”

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