Can He Still Do It? King Charles’ Temper Getting Worse, Video of Him ‘Struggling’ Captured

A body language expert has said that King Charles’ outburst at a leaky pen in Northern Ireland is a sign that things are starting to take their toll on the nation’s new monarch.

Yesterday, Charles was signing the guest book at Hillsborough Castle when his pen began to leak on him, causing him to spring up and walk away.

The King was vocal about his frustrations, creating awkward tension in the room full of aides and his wife, Queen consort Camilla.

He stood up, disgusted at his pen, and exclaimed, “Oh God, I hate this!” before adding, “I can’t bear this bloody thing! [It’s] what they do every stinking time!”

Camilla was heard saying, “Oh look, it’s going everywhere,” before sitting down and signing the guest book herself.

According to Adrianne Carter, the Face Whisperer, a body language expert, Charles may be nearing the end of his rope as the death of his mother and the enormous workload he has had since begin to “take their toll.”

“It looks as if the emotions and tiredness are starting to take their toll on the new King and Queen,” Adrianne said.

“This is something that they would normally laugh off but there’s no laughing or light-heartedness.

“They are processing a lot this week and as we draw closer to the funeral we may see more evidence of short tempers when things don’t go quite to plan…”

Charles’ outburst is his second public outburst since becoming King, following a similar incident last week when an inkpot got in his way as he signed official documents at the Accession Council.

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