Brits warned of ‘hotter than California’ temperature on Wednesday as SUMMER starts

Summer may have finally arrived, as forecasters expect a warm and bright day on Wednesday, followed by temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius in the coming days.

Experts predict that portions of England might witness searing highs by next week, as the mercury is anticipated to climb in some places on Monday, with the south east set to be the warmest part of England.

It comes after a summer of washout weather, with heavy rain and thunderstorms across the country.

On Wednesday, temperatures are forecast to reach the mid-20s for much of the southern half of the UK, and the even warmer weather is likely to peak on Friday and Saturday, according to the Met Office. Some areas could even see temperatures reach 30C on Friday.

Deputy chief meteorologist Dan Harris said a “general warming trend” is expected through much of the week. He added: “Whilst some southern areas are already likely to reach the mid 20s by Wednesday, it’s not until Thursday that the warmer weather will become more widespread.

“We are likely to see the warmest weather on Friday and Saturday, with low to mid-20s widely and a peak of 29C most probable in the South East. At this stage the odd 30C here on Friday cannot be ruled out.”

“A frontal system arriving into the West and South West later on Friday, which could be preceded by thunderstorms, does complicate matters somewhat, after a very muggy night in the South East overnight into Saturday.”

It would mean parts of the UK would be hotter than California, which is only set to hit highs of 26C. However, Met Office forecaster Dan Stroud said any heat is likely to be short-lived as low pressure is likely to move back in, making next weekend more unsettled.

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