British Schools Urged to ‘Go Woke’ and Teach Courses About ‘Colonialism and White Supremacy’

British Universities are being told to “go woke,” as the degrees watchdog demands that courses teach about colonialism and white supremacy, even in computer science.

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which monitors course standards, wants universities to include such topics in a variety of courses, including science, math, and geography.

According to Mail Plus, the QAA believes that geography courses should acknowledge “racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, and patriarchy.”

The watchdog has called on universities to address how “hierarchies of colonial value are reinforced” in computing courses.

According to the QAA, economics students should be taught that it is “still predominantly a white, male, and Western field.”

The advice is contained in a 25-page document titled “subject benchmarks,” in which the watchdog outlines what it believes students should be studying.

While following the new guidelines is not required, it is expected that many lecturers will do so.

Many have slammed the advice, with some accusing the QAA of urging universities to “go woke.”

Chris McGovern from the Campaign for Real Education said:” It’s alarming. Campuses are being ordered to go woke.

“This QAA enforcement of anti-white and anti-Western racial hatred and division is iniquitous.

“It will undermine racial integration in our country and breed either resentment or self-loathing.

“The QAA should be promoting enlightenment and knowledge, not prejudice and ignorance.”

While Dennis Hayes from the Academics for Academic Freedom added: “This allows activists to push their feel-good political ideas.

“Instead of teaching the best that is known and thought in each discipline they have been occupied by political activists always defending alleged victims.

“The loss to students is considerable – they are being denied proper access to the study of subjects and therefore legacy of human knowledge.”

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