British Nurse Sacked for Saying Conservative Voters Should Not Be ‘Resuscitated’ by NHS

A nurse was fired from her private practise after publicly declaring on national television that Conservative voters should not be resuscitated by the National Health Service.

Miranda Hughes, 46, has revealed that she was fired after appearing on Channel 5’s debate show Britain on the Brink on Monday. She stated that the country’s socialised healthcare system should not save the lives of Conservative Party supporters.

‘You’ve been squeezed to the point where you can’t treat people as you need to. And it eats you up because you’re there to do a job as a compassionate person, but there are no resources,” she explained to Jeremy Vine, the show’s host.

“And you are told consistently on the news that care homes are being rung fenced, but it’s a lie. And I am sorry but if you have voted Conservative you do not deserve to be resuscitated by the NHS,” she declared.

While Hughes later clarified that she would not choose to let someone die because of their political beliefs, she justified her outburst by citing the government’s alleged mistreatment of healthcare workers, explaining: “It is appalling the way we have been treated. Every nurse has been slapped in the face.”

Despite her support for the country’s socialised healthcare system, she admitted to leaving the NHS in favour of the more lucrative private sector.

Some on the libertarian right of the political spectrum have condemned her dismissal, claiming it is yet another example of cancel culture. 

Others, however, have argued that the comments are a violation of the Hippocratic Oath and thus not a free speech issue because potential future patients may fear for their safety while under her care.

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