Britain to Experience ECO-TERRORISM After Continuous Climate-Crazy Disruptions, Says Farage

After climate crazies vandalised a think tank building in London, arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage warned of “eco-terrorism.”

In the aftermath of protesters vandalising a building containing a number of think tanks — including those campaigning against high taxes and high levels of immigration — to protest oil and gas, Nigel Farage has claimed that failure to curtail climate crazies’ protests will eventually result in “eco-terrorism.”

As of this writing, the protest is the latest in a series of green agenda protests in which climate extremists have vandalised paintings, statues, and buildings in an attempt to push for the abolition of fossil fuels.

The infamous Tufton Street building was sprayed with orange paint loaded into a fire extinguisher during the protest, which also saw activists seal off a nearby road in the hopes of protesting oil and gas.

According to reports, one person was arrested in connection with the incident on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Meanwhile, the protest is said to have been carried out by “supporters” of the climate activist group “Just Stop Oil,” which had only yesterday claimed responsibility for vandalising a wax statue of the King.

Some are now concerned about the escalation of the protests, with political firebrand Nigel Farage warning on Tuesday that terrorism could be on the cards if authorities do not quickly get a handle on the situation.

“This is total lawlessness,” the former Brexit party leader remarked, sharing a video of the Tufton Street incident.

“Eco-terrorism will be next unless we get tough on these muppets,” he went on to say.

Incoming Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, like ousted Prime Minister Boris Johnson, appears to be eager to see more climate policies implemented in Britain, with the former Chancellor attending the World Economic Forum conference in 2020 to advocate for a “whole economy” transition to “green energy.”

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