Britain REJOINS European Union in Significant ‘Military Mobility’ Move

Even after leaving the European Union nearly three years ago, the United Kingdom will collaborate with the bloc on its “military mobility” unit to move troops and weapons across the continent more quickly, according to Dutch defence minister Kajsa Ollongren.

In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Britain is said to have signed a pact with the European Union on the movement of military personnel and equipment.

Although no official announcement has been made by the British government as of this writing, Dutch Defence Minister Kajsa Ollongren told the Times of London that he has been in talks with UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace and that an agreement will most likely be announced in Brussels next month.

Ollongren said the decision was “very much related to the war in Ukraine,” speaking from a military base in England where British and Dutch personnel are currently training Ukrainian soldiers.

“It’s a sensitive issue since Brexit,” she said, adding, “but since Brexit did not change the geography, it’s very important to get you back in.”

“I’m really happy that the UK will join because we’re seeing how important the UK is right now, it’s an important partner when it comes to military cooperation [in] assisting Ukraine.”

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