BREXIT: Truss PLOTS ‘Urgent Talks’ with EU with New Warning on ‘Fraying Ties’ and ‘Instability’

As Ireland’s leader warns of “fraying” ties and “instability” between the UK and Ireland, Liz Truss is eyeing urgent talks with the EU.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin of Ireland has warned that the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, which has already passed the House of Commons, risks causing “further instability” in Northern Ireland.

The proposed law would eliminate checks on Irish Sea trade between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom, removing an internal border within the United Kingdom created by the Protocol.

Mr Martin claimed that unilateral action on the protocol and the Troubles legacy legislation is at odds with the Good Friday Agreement’s “spirit of partnership.”

He stated: “It is critical therefore that we find a way through this undeniably difficult phase to build better relationships.

“Like all long-term relationships, there are times when we don’t understand each other as well.”

“Regrettably, unilateral action on the protocol and on legacy is at odds with the spirit of partnership that is needed to underpin the Good Friday Agreement.

“It is testing and fraying that partnership between us. It risks further instability in Northern Ireland and damage to key sectors of the economy.”

The remarks come as PM candidate and likely winner Liz Truss is reportedly planning a trip to Dublin to “come to an agreement” on the deal.

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