Boris Johnson Plots Early General Election to Silence Remoaners and Union

Conservative MPs in key seats have been told to submit their “election plans” as speculation grows that Boris Johnson will call a snap “who rules Britain” election in September to confront militant unions and Remoaner peers in the Lords.

The so-called 80/20 Club of Conservative MPs and candidates in 100 key seats has been told they must submit their election plans, fueling wild speculation about an early September election. These are the 80 marginal seats that the Conservatives are defending against a possible Labour/Lib Dem Rejoiner alliance.

However, the surprise poll is expected to help restore Mr Johnson’s authority in the face of a wave of strikes organised by hard Left unions and a plan by pro-EU peers to block Brexit legislation in the Lords.

The decision on an early election could be influenced by the results of crucial by-elections in Wakefield, Tiverton, and Honiton, where the Conservatives are defending two seats but expect to lose.

A cabinet source has also revealed that a September election this year is a “strong possibility,” with even Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle preparing for an early poll.

Another Downing Street insider, however, has insisted that September 2023 is the plan, when boundary changes could help the Conservatives win up to 20 extra seats.

Conservative MPs believe that a victory in Tiverton and Honiton in the early hours of this morning will increase the likelihood of an early election.

The speculation about an early election has centred on the Prime Minister’s need to end the threat of being voted out by his own MPs.

If he calls a referendum in September, the Commons Standards Committee will have to investigate him over allegations that he lied to Parliament about the lockdown gatherings in Downing Street.

“If we have an early election, it prevents the investigation from taking place, but it also means it becomes meaningless if Boris has a new mandate,” a Tory rebel said.

“He can fairly claim that “the electorate was aware of Partygate and still voted for me.” It’s a compelling argument.”

Furthermore, Sir Keir Starmer has lost authority after a number of Labour MPs defied his orders and joined the RMT picket lines during the train strikes.

“Keir is Boris’s best chance of winning,” the Conservative MP said. Why let a new leader establish himself before capitalising on the chaos?”

The strikes, however, have provided the most impetus for an early election, with teachers, nurses, and even barristers threatening to join train drivers on the picket lines to demand massive pay raises in the face of 11 percent inflation.

Rejoiner peers like Lord Andrew Adonis dominate the House of Lords and are desperate to prevent Brexit from succeeding.

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