Bill Gates Meets with Opposition Leader Keir Starmer for ‘Global Health’ and Climate Talks

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, reportedly met with Rishi Sunak’s counterpart in parliament, Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer, to discuss climate change and “global health.”

On Wednesday, opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer met with ‘master of the universe’ Bill Gates in his Parliamentary office.

“Keir Starmer was pleased to meet with Bill Gates today and discuss a number of issues of mutual concern, including how the UK best supports global health and equitable development, and how we use the goal of net zero to invest in science and technology to deliver the jobs and growth of the future,” a Labour Party spokesman said.

Given the business ties between Microsoft and Infosys, the Indian tech giant Sunak married into, a meeting between Sunak and Gates may present a conflict of interest now that he is prime minister.

Despite the fact that the Microsoft founder is not a British citizen, he has worked closely with previous British prime ministers, including Sunak’s former boss, Boris Johnson. Gates travelled to London just over a year ago to meet with Johnson to launch a £400 million joint partnership with the government to boost green investments in the UK.

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