WATCH: Biden Congratulates WRONG PERSON as Britain’s New Prime Minister 

US President Joe Biden has raised eyebrows by congratulating Britain’s new Prime Minister, “Rashee Sanuk.”

The British public may have wondered if another Prime Minister had been deposed on Tuesday after US President Joe Biden congratulated “Rashee Sanuk” on his election to the top elected position in the UK.

It comes as Rishi Sunak, Britain’s actual new Prime Minister-in-waiting, formally takes office, replacing car-crash premier Liz Truss after a disastrous 49 days in Number 10.

Hailing Sunaks’ appointment as being a groundbreaking milestone, Biden started off his bilateral relationship with the new head of state by getting his name wrong.

The President went on to suggest that it was particularly interesting that Sunak had become Prime Minister under the Conservative Party, saying that the multi-millionaire’s appointment to the position “matters”.

“As my brother would say: go figure!” he remarked. “And the Conservative Party!”

“Pretty astounding,” he went on to say.

Biden’s apparent amazement that the UK Conservative party could deliver a Prime Minister of a different race to his own probably underlines his lack of understanding of UK politics. Despite the name, the Conservative Party is in practice at its core very progressive, centrist, and globalist.

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