Biden Accused of ‘Political Sycophancy’ as US President Continues to Meddle in Brexit

Joe Biden has been chastised for his latest intervention in the Brexit process, in which he appointed Joe Kennedy as special envoy to Northern Ireland.

“It appears to be a sectarian appointment. A pro-Irish American appoints one of the clubs – as if this is a job for the boys. This is a perfect example of political sycophancy that one would expect from the Biden administration,” DUP MP Ian Paisley Jr said.

“I don’t know what his economic skill is,” the MP joked, adding that the appointment “flatters Joe Kennedy.”

“He is not known for any influence or particular skill in economics, so why would he be known as the man who is to be the whiz kid of Northern Ireland’s economy?” he explained.

While Mr Paisley Jr said he is “not impressed”, he said: “We’ll measure him not by his name but by his role.”.

The move is seen as an attempt to put pressure on the UK to accept Brussels’ demands that the province be placed under its jurisdiction and separated from the United Kingdom.

Joe Kennedy III is a former Congressman who is Bobby Kennedy’s grandson and the great-grandson of the first Joe Kennedy, who served as ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Mr. Kennedy has close ties to Sinn Fein and is a member of the Irish American lobby, which has pushed Democratic policy toward a pro-EU stance on the contentious Northern Ireland protocol.

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