BBC ‘Disappears Women’ Due to ‘Gender Quotas’ with TRANSSEXUAL Staff

A tenured source at Britain’s state-owned BBC has asserted that the broadcaster is now “disappearing women” by allowing “trans” people to fill gender quotas.

The BBC, which is funded by the mandatory TV tax in the United Kingdom, implemented a hardline “50:50” regime of gender diversity quotas in 2017 as part of a progressive push to increase women’s representation within the organisation.

To the dismay of some in the organisation, The Telegraph reported that these diversity quotas are now being violated by the more recent progressive wave of transgenderism.

One senior staff member told the publication that the BBC “has now ‘disappeared’ women as a sex class and instead monitors ‘gender identity,'” adding that the BBC is still a “very sexist organisation where these issues made by women are rejected.”

The “50:50” system is criticised by another unidentified insider as useless because counting now depends on “the producer’s understanding of what gender is,” rendering the otherwise “binary” statistics unreliable.

A senior insider disagreed with the BBC spokesman’s defence that the complaints were an attempt to build a narrative where none existed.

“This feels like discrimination even via the press office, being publicly scoffed at by your employer,” they said, having also argued that the statement showed “the BBC lacks basic understanding of the issue at hand”.

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