Back Off Brexit! Joe Biden Told to ‘Show Respect’ and ‘STOP Undermining Britain’

USA President Joe Biden has been told to “back off on Brexit” after warning that the UK could be pushed to the bottom of the trade list.

Nile Gardiner made the remarks after an interview with Darren Grimes on GB News.

“The next British Prime Minister must stand up to Joe Biden and tell him to back off on Brexit and the Northern Ireland Protocol,” he wrote on Twitter. “Biden needs to show some respect and stop undermining Britain.”

Nile, a former Margaret Thatcher aide, slammed Joe Biden in the interview for having the “most far-left presidency in US history.”

He said that there is a striking correlation between the left-wing liberal elites in the United States and the left-wing liberal elites in the European Union. “They share the same outlook. They see Brexit as a threat to their worldview, to their left-wing ideology, despite the fact that it is a hugely popular, democratic step forward for the UK.

“And Brexit is all about reclaiming sovereignty, self-determination, and regaining control.”

“Joe Biden sees this as a threat to his ultra-nationalist worldview.”

“And Joe Biden has been absolutely awful in terms of how he has treated the United Kingdom; he has been condescending and arrogant.”

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