Australia plots sourcing 30,000 Britons to fill job vacancies as Minister claims THEY are WAY better than UK 

An Australian minister has admitted that the Australian government intends to steal thousands of British workers to fill job openings across the country.

Police and Defence Industry Minister Paul Papalia has launched the campaign, which aims to fill nearly 31,000 jobs in Western Australia with British workers.

“Many of our ancestors were sent from the UK to Australia as convicts,” Papalia promised those who took the risk. It’s now a crime not to make the move.”

Teaching, healthcare, and law enforcement are among the professions that urgently require more workers.

Nurses and secondary teachers in Western Australia are paid more on average than in other Australian states.

They are also paid significantly more than in the UK, with salaries reaching up to 50% higher than the average in the UK.

The average registered nurse in the UK earns £30,586, while Western Australia earns £49,131.

The average driller in the UK earns £29,660 per year, but in Australia, drillers earn 273 percent more, at £82,498 per year.

“We are here to steal your workers by offering them a better life in one of the most beautiful places on the planet,” Papalia said.

“Western Australia is an excellent location for both living and working.”

“Our wages are higher, and our costs of living are lower. Our health-care system is first-rate. You will be looked after.”

In order to make the Australian lifestyle as appealing as possible, the campaign will offer those interested better wages, a lower cost of living, and a variety of housing options.

The Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement was signed in 2021 with the goal of strengthening bilateral relations.

It aimed to remove tariffs on more than 99 percent of Australian goods exported to the United Kingdom. It is expected to go into effect later this year, making it easier for UK citizens to work in Australia.

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